About EMDR

I began seeking an understanding of EMDR after taking Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk‘s training on treating trauma “The Body Keeps the Score.” He said of EMDR “It’s weird, but it works.”  I began my pursuit asking the question “What is EMDR, and how does it work?”

Trauma locks the body into a survival mode of fight, flight, or freeze. After trauma, a person may experience these reactions when they are maladaptive and disruptive. Trauma resides in the right hemisphere of the brain, that is responsible for emotion and survival, our body’s alarm system. Although a person may have survived a traumatic experience, the body remembers and relives the trauma, locked into this memory. The left hemisphere may be aware that the traumatic event is no longer a threat, though a person may remain “stuck.”  The EMDR process uses bilateral stimulation, such as alternating tapping on the left and right sides of the body while reprocessing a traumatic experience. With therapeutic guidance, the person is able to help the body find resolution and decrease or remove unwanted PTSD symptoms.

EMDR is remarkably effective, and for single incident trauma, a person may notice dramatic improvement in only one EMDR session. Because EMDR involves reprocessing a traumatic event, it is important for a person to be emotionally ready, or “well resourced.” Resourcing activities including calming activities are designed to help a person cope with any traumatic feelings that may arise during the process.

During my learning process, I grew in understanding of the effectiveness of EMDR, and through the Certification process, I became exceedingly proficient at administering EMDR treatment. I have been blessed to see the remarkable progress as client heal from various trauma, grief, depression and anxiety.  If a person has trauma related anxiety over an upcoming event such as public speaking, an educational exam, a medical procedure, or a special event, a Future Template is a part of the EMDR process that can be very helpful for such occasions.

It has truly been a blessing learning about EMDR and being able to see the remarkable healing that has occurred. If you are interested in learning how this treatment may be able to help, please reach out to me, and I would love to speak with you.