A person may begin use of drugs and alcohol for different reasons, though addiction takes on a life of its own, controlling every aspect of a person’s life, and destroying what is most cherished. We see the pain addiction causes, sometimes by caring for someone who is struggling, or by struggling ourselves. The healing process takes time, and it takes time to regain the things that were cherished. It also takes time to learn how to keep these areas of life healthy in order to not lose them again.  Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD must be addressed in congruence with recovery. If you have struggled with addiction, of if you have cared about someone struggling with addiction, there is hope.

I have been honored to work with people in recovery from addiction for 15 years, and I have seen people heal, and lives restored. I have seen families heal and people follow their dreams. Healing from addiction can be a rough road, but it is possible.  If you or a person you care about, has experienced the pain from addiction, and are ready for outpatient counseling to enhance your healing and thriving journey, please reach out to me and I will be honored to work with you.

Please Note: If you have been court ordered to attend a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program, I would not meet that requirement. 

Disease Concept of Addiction

Pleasure Unwoven is an educational video by Kevin Mcauley that uses the landscape of Utah to provide beautiful imagery in understanding the brain, and the brain's response to addiction. I have used this video to educate others and myself about the biology of addiction. While addiction is destructive for people with an addiction and those that love them, it helps to understand how addiction acts as a disease. The video is well explained, though contains complex medical concepts. To assist with following these concepts, I wrote a summary you may use to follow along with the video. If you are a client, I would be happy to lend you this video. This video is also available for purchase through Amazon: Pleasure Unwoven: a personal journey about addiction by Kevin McCauley