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    Is there an office to come to?

    Yes, there is a physical location to attend if you would prefer. This location has stairs. If you have limited mobility, telehealth is also an option. 

    What is the mask policy?

    If you are experiencing flu like symptoms, please wear a mask or opt for a telehealth session. If you have an immune deficiency and would like me to wear a mask, please let me know, and I would be happy to wear one. During flu season, I may opt to wear a mask in order to decrease risks for those with health concerns.

    Do you work with children?

    I began my educational journey with interest in working with children and sought significant training in child psychology and play therapy in undergraduate and graduate school. I presently have over one year working with children and teens and I have been enjoying working with this population.  

    If I want EMDR treatment, do I have to talk about the detail of my trauma? 

    The EMDR treatment process does not require talking in detail about the traumatic experience. 

    Does EMDR work with children? 

    Yes, I am currently in training to apply EMDR in working with children.

    Does a therapist need to be certified in EMDR to use it?

    A therapist needs to be EMDR trained, though it is not a requirement to be certified. In my journey to understand and apply EMDR, I found the training involved in the certification process to be imperative in providing the best care for trauma processing.